For us New York City will always be… Clinton Street, late night runs over the Williamsburg Bridge, Grand Central, soccer at the East River Park, one dollar slices, the Sunday blues, West Village coffee, so many juice bars, long winters when you don’t see the sun on the way to or from work, ping pong in Tompkins Square, getting kicked out of dog parks because apparently you need a dog to get in, water towers, the F train—the king of all trains, happy-hour every hour at Donneybrook, champagne Sundays courtesy of Trader Joe’s Wine Shop, fire escapes, dumplings that really shouldn’t be 4 for a dollar, LES, B&H, corn hole on the roof, trying to get into brunch – deciding a 2 hour wait is 2 hours too many, dropping my iPhone down the subway stairs, the first day of Spring, the low-riders cruising down Clinton on a hot Friday night.